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Who are you?

Can say "my name is .. ", but that’s not the actual answer, coz a person is not his/her name, or gender or country. So many things are there that describe a person. His actions, what he thinks, how he reacts, the way he speaks, his interests, hobbies... go to my other pages you will find me there !
For those who believe that they can know me from my words,

I am one among you, a common man. I wake up in the morning and thank GOD for adding on more day to my life, enjoy reading books, frown upon the scams in news, sit on the road side wall and chat with friends, watch movies daily, foodie, blogger, have a job for living, have a penchant for writing, likes music, loves to be with people than technology...
after everything I just go home and sleep happily with nothing in mind, like a kid, like a meditating sage, that's my strength !

Actually it doesn't make any difference to you by knowing something like above regarding a person.

There will be 7 people same like you in this world. I heard this when I was child. 
I believe there are 7 people that look like you but different,
  1. 'YOU',
  2. 'What YOU ARE',
  3. 'What others think YOU ARE',
  4. 'What you think 'YOU ARE',
  5. 'Past YOU',
  6. 'Future YOU',
  7. 'What you want YOU to be'

What is this name?

Thought is LIFE: A cellular add says, "An idea can change your LIFE".

Man covered himself with animal skin to save him from the extreme weather, now it’s a US $ 2,000 billion worth fashion clothing industry.

Man started with small marked sticks and pebbles to count his cattle, now we have super computers and AI enabled robots.

Someone sells salt with iodine that improves your brain power and you will get so many ideas, increased salt sales... WHAT AN IDEA SIR JI :-)

We are now in this world with all these comforts because of the thinkers in any field science, social, medicine ... that have chosen the forbidden knowledge fruits.

Without thought we still have life but we will not have the thought or we will not know that we are living, just like a stone, so thought is what we are and our life is what we think.

What is this name "Tarasastree"?

Tarasa's+Tree. "Tarasa's" means "from the hills" in celtic english.
Now, TarasasTree is a tree on hill, cool, calm, green, undisturbed.

This tree standeth lonely here on the hills; it hath grown up high above man and beast.And if it wanted to speak, it would have none who could understand it: so high hath it grown  -Friedrich Nietzsche (Thus Spake Zarathustra)

I like arts. For me whatever I see around me is an art. Few paintings added below.
I buy lots of books, like music very much.
Sculpting, sketch, percussion instruments etc. are also in my 'know a little' list.
Violin and harmonica are in my wish list (from past few years).
Forgot... people say that I cook well.

Few of my paintings...

Belief in GOD?

Belief in religion?
I did not bring it when I came, will not take it when I leave.

This is me !!

      Copyrights: No copy rights reservedThe content in this blog is by mere inspiration or impact created by the books I read, people I live with, situations I face from the point of my perception. 

So I don't own any of this content. I am not the one who ate the forbidden fruits or a business man to register content. All life is just imitation. 
Feel free to use this content if at all you happen to like it and quote me if you want. I did same.

Enjoy reading !!

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