Sunday, March 29, 2020

Corona wont stop

In the interest of mankind it’s time we need to accept the HARD TRUTH, no GOD has come to SAVE world from this pandemic. Not even ONE.
I believe that GOD exists for a different purpose and not do some cheap magic tricks.

No! Your GOD or MINE won’t save us.
No! it’s not PUNISHMENT by any GOD but man made mistakes.

Personally everyone is entitled for their own beliefs.
If you still believe in magic, please don’t play with CORONA virus, try some potassium CYANIDE.
You take poison, you die out of belief, your problem.
You spread corona bcoz of your belief, people die, you are a CRIMINAL.

Now, come into SENSES.
Kings, Queens, Presidents... No one is safe, no one is SPARED.
Stop planning for mass celebration of FESTIVALS, your daily PRAYERS in groups, ROAMING on roads.
Corona wont stop till you stop... going out.
Live today to celebrate tomorrow.

Stop blaming Govt. for every PROBLEM, stop that Netflix/amazon prime and try to find a SOLUTION.
Poor are suffering? Take permission, prepare and go out to distribute food.
#covid19 #stayhome #staysafe #supportgovernament #bealert