Monday, July 4, 2011


    Prayer... Its not a list of your desires. Not a demand notice. Not blackmailing or politics.
Its connecting with GOD, communicatng with GOD, discovering yourself, cleansing your soul.

Walking on the seashore.. contemplating the past,
stepping on the smooth sand in tranquility,
I found myself between the never ending sea and the infinite GOD.

The clouds started to disappear and the sky become a white screen,
I started to see all the critical phases of my life,
In every event of life i saw two pairs of foot prints,
One pair is mine and the other pair belongs to my guardian angel.. GOD.

Surprise !! When i am in deep problems, suffering from losses,
or down with the loss of people close to me.. i saw there are only pair of foot prints.
I asked GOD, what is this? I was told that you are caring, loving and gentle ?
Why this negligence in my case?
You were there in my good times but left me in times of trouble??

GOD replied with a smile..

Son, in your happiness i was walking with you, but
in your troubles i was carrying you on my shoulder like any father does to his child..
So you see only one pair of foot prints .. those are mine !
Tears rolled down my cheek for the love of the GOD.

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