Friday, September 25, 2015

QC OTA || Add/Upload a bussiness component into qc

'Code to add/upload business component into QC
'Note:to use this code Extended Storage Object has to be enabled in site Admin
 sub add_comp()
 qcUser = ""
    qcPassword = ""
    Domain = ""
    Project = ""
    qcServer = "http://qcHostName:qcPort/qcbin"

    Set tdc = CreateObject("TDApiOle80.TDConnection")
    tdc.InitConnectionEx qcServer
    tdc.Login qcUser, qcPassword
    tdc.Connect Domain, Project
     Set objCompFldrFact = tdc.ComponentFolderFactory
    Set rootCompFldr = objCompFldrFact.Root
    Set compFactory = rootCompFldr.ComponentFactory
    ' Add the component
    compName = "Test_comp"
     Set myComp = compFactory.AddItem(Null)
    Dim errString As String
    If (compFactory.IsComponentNameValid(compName, errString)) Then
        myComp.Name = compName
       ' myComp.ExtendedStorage (0)
         myComp.ScriptType = "QT-SCRIPTED"
        myComp.ApplicationAreaID = 897
        Set extStor = myComp.ExtendedStorage(0)
        extStor.ClientPath = "C:\Backup\ECC\Login"
         extStor.Save "-r *.*", True
        myComp.Name = "DefaultValidName"
        MsgBox errString
    End If
    'Loads all the files from the directory
 'addding parameters to the added component
    Set compParamFactory = myComp.ComponentParamFactory
    Set compParam1 = compParamFactory.AddItem(Null)
    compParam1.IsOut = 0    'false
    compParam1.Name = compName
    compParam1.desc = "Description for test parameter"
    compParam1.ValueType = "String"
    compParam1.Order = 1
    Set compParam1 = Nothing
 Set compParamFactory = Nothing
 Set extStor =  Nothing
 Set myComp = Nothing
 Set objCompFldrFact = Nothing
    Set rootCompFldr = Nothing
    Set compFactory = Nothing
 'Disconnect from the project
 If tdc.Connected Then
 End If
 ''Log off the server
 If tdc.LoggedIn Then
 End If
 ''Release the TDConnection object
 Set tdc = Nothing

end sub

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