Thursday, March 31, 2016

Minimalism : A minimalist approach to life & why we need to get rid of consumerism !

We are over 7.4 billion people in this world !
Its a HUGE number !
We need to be conservative to let the world be beautiful for future generations also.

Consumerism is the major threat to humanity than diseases, terrorism, accidents and religions.
To make the world a better place each and everyone needs to follow minimalistic approach to life.
It’s the law of the jungle, only the stronger shall live.
Man has grown stronger than animals and now over each other in the name of rich & poor.

We prefer powerful cars over fuel efficient cars,
We prefer cars even when we are travelling alone, while we can use a bike or public transport,
We buy beautiful vegetables at higher prices in super markets while even the disfigured vegetables taste same
Our branded dresses give us confidence over clean and pressed normal dress,
Need Proof? Our dress and shoes companies are super rich than our farmers who suicide because of loans.
We buy things we don’t need and aim for useless things while we can be happy with whatever we have
We run AC's 24X7 even when not required,
We party paying 1000's per plate increasing the price and wastage, while the poor cannot eat as prices have increased,
We over use water, paper, plastic & fertilizers pollute environment, then we cry everything is polluted buy mineral water, open fresh air clubs
Just because there is an empty space, you need to fill it! You can always admire it the way it is!
All this at the cost of less fortunate (in terms of money) people now who die due to hunger, polluted air and water, also at the cost of our kids lives, their future world. Already the kids are suffering
We should start thinking about this more than our careers, our personal lives and 'thoughtless follow the group' deeds! We should move back to social living from social existence and personal living!

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