Saturday, May 21, 2011

JDay Version 1.1

Yesterday night I had a dream.

In the dream - I woke, up got ready and went to office on 21 May,2011.I am a software tester by profession. In office there was a BRD on my desk for a project,

Change request: 0000 Judgement Day - Revamp of the current environment to improve user experience and look and feel.
Change owner: GOD.
Project manager: Associate GOD.
Remarks: JDay Version 1.1 - Changes made for improvements in EOD runtime.
Note: Technical change does not require testing; just need testing and business user’s approval sign.

I have read all the documents FSD, TSD and saw that there are no rollback and contingency plans. I started thinking about the change, it’s a really beautiful world... the forests, the flowers, the children, rivers, seas, hills, deserts, cute little puppies, beautiful butterflies, dew drops on flowers, the aroma from soil after rain, golden sparrows, sweet relations, caring people, inspiring people,... a very long list. A few exceptions are always there, but if bugs are not there, what is the use of testing department? Is revamp of such a beauty is really required? Moreover, I did not really see the world, still exploring, enjoying... disturbing my thoughts I heard a voice from the sky, "the world is not only you, so don’t take decision taking your personal things into consideration, think from end user perspective." The voice echoed in my ears.

Just as the voice dimmed down, business users came for UAT. I have discussed everything specified in the document with them and has also mentioned that I am not at all supporting the change as the functionalities will be disastrous in production. The UAT team also supported me.
They have rejected the RFC with Remarks: Requirement changed. The previous business team has raised this change request and now it’s obsolete.
I rejected the change request Remarks: The requirements have changed. Can cause disasters in production, even there are no roll backs or contingency plans. Poor release quality. I am rejecting this change request, keeping end user in mind.

Now there is one guy hudi, he came from behind and started hitting me on my back. I asked him what happened. It seems his name was in the Pre EOD job list and was about to be processed as critical data for post EOD job runs. As I rejected the change, he was sent back.

I again heard the voice from sky, “I know you represented then end user, I appreciate it, but how long it will continue like this? The world is built on circular architecture and not linear; everything should start over again after sometime. Now GOD gave me idea, I told “That’s what we desire a linear architecture for our world, never ending, that is the new requirement. GOD chuckled, and then the voice muted.

Associate GOD was speaking to GOD and is noting down some minutes of meeting, “why have you giggled at his request?” GOD said, even if I give them a never ending world what’s the use? They fight for lands, religion, power... they invent weapons that could cause world destruction and kill everyone. So if not me, one day they will do destroy the world themselves. Nothing will be left. If I do it at least some critical data will be saved.”

Here comes the twist, I was laying flat in a cloud near to GOD without his notice and recorded everything that GOD spoke, using my blackberry mobile. After he finished speaking I opened my parachute and started back to earth. While in travel I posted the video clip of GOD speaking about people on earth in face book to everyone in this world.

GOD grinned again. Think his actual idea is to pass his message to the whole world. We are his children, he never makes us suffer and he cannot be happy if we are suffering. It is we, who make our lives miserable, hate and fight and destroy each other.

While I neared earth, I saw that it was filled with colourful flowers, fruits and happy people. They are in bliss; few are preparing garlands with beautiful flowers for the unknown while others are kneeling down on a satin carpet for the same, Few dancing in trance chanting the name while others were reciting some prayers. I thanked GOD for all everything he gave us and is yet to come.
Then the earth started vibrating along with some known background music, vibrations were slow initially but then became intense, I got tensed and woke up from sleep, my heart was thumping... l looked around on my bed and found that it’s my mobile alarm singing suprabhatam and vibrating.

Thank GOD for the message and also for this one more day... thank you for everything! Good morning !

Monday, May 16, 2011

Postponing does not resolve issues..

       We keep postponing things and finish them in the last minute. We think that it doesn't matter unless until we do it in time but what matters more the quality we put in our work.

 A project needs to be completed in a week, we finish it on the last day prioritizing the critical tasks and finally leave the least critical ones. This reduces the quality isn't it? It effects your learning, growth, confidence..

When was the last time you got your master health check up done? Most people feel that check ups come up with reports saying 'High cholesterol' or Low BP or something like that and that makes absolutely fine people sick.
In reality you cannot escape anything, eventually what must be faced must be faced. The forest fire you will face tomorrow is the little spark you tried to escape yesterday.

What you avoid does not get away from you. Its gets more intense, more uglier and revisits you, then you will be only left with "I should have... I must have, I could have..."

Never postpone the medicals, ease out the differences with your friends, to say 'Sorry', to say 'Love you'.

Have the courage to face the facts. What must be faced, must be faced, sooner rather than later !