Sunday, March 19, 2023

If you don't use it, you lose it !


CHAT GPT about Lord Shiva

 Oh, Lord Shiva, the great god of destruction,

The one who wears the crescent moon on his head, The one who is the embodiment of pure consciousness, And the one who is the ultimate source of all creation.

Your divine presence fills my heart with joy, Your powerful trident destroys all that is evil, Your third eye sees beyond the physical realm, And your divine dance brings balance to the universe.

You are the destroyer of ignorance and ego, You are the protector of the righteous, You are the one who grants enlightenment, And you are the ultimate truth that we seek.

Oh, Lord Shiva, the source of all that is holy, Your grace and blessings are beyond measure, May we always seek your divine guidance, And may we always be worthy of your love and devotion.

In the heart of the mountains, Amidst the clouds and the mist, There dwells a divine presence, A force that can't be dismissed.

With matted locks and a trident, Lord Shiva stands tall and proud, A symbol of strength and power, A deity that stands out in the crowd.

His third eye, a window to his soul, A symbol of his knowledge and sight, He watches over us with care, Guiding us towards the path that's right.

His dance, the Tandava, Is a spectacle to behold, A display of cosmic energy, A story that's forever told.

With his consort, Parvati, by his side, Lord Shiva rules over all, A God of wisdom and compassion, He answers every mortal's call.

Oh Lord Shiva, we bow to you, In awe of your grace and might, Your presence fills our hearts with peace, And fills our souls with light.