Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Why do we lie?
   We lie because we are afraid of someone, something or to escape from an embarrassing situation. Leave the exceptional cases. When you lie, you learn escapism. It becomes a habit. You start lying for small things unintentionally by your sub conscious mind.  

    When you starting being honest, you will grow. You will learn more than what you learn when you escape.

    Whenever I hear the word honesty, I remember Gandhiji. It requires immense mental strength and daring to always stick to the truth.

    As a teenager, Gandhi stole a bit of gold from his brother's because he needed money. Haunted by what he had done, Gandhi later confessed his crime to his father, fully expecting his father's unbridled fury. Instead, his father broke down and wept. The experience was a major turning point in Gandhi's life. He later wrote: "Those pearl drops of love cleansed my heart and washed my sin away."

-Biography of M.K. Gandhi


  1. Good Keerthi...But You know one thing...
    Now a days....people who are all honest are wealthy ones.
    People who are fighting with life cannot be Honest.

  2. 1. I did not see any honest person who is abnormally rich, but i can give you a long list of dishonest people rich people. Just count all the politicians and reduce by some 4 or 5.
    Only when people see more money they tend to become greedy.

    2. If you drink wine(drakshrishta) to clean your blood its ayurveda, if you drink same for enjoyment or whatever its addiction to 'Nasha'/ escapism. good/bad is transient. Dharmas are written by brilliant social architects (sages) for a happy life only to follow after basic needs are satisfied. No dharma says to be honest at the stake of life.

    3. Greed for power, ego, confrontations, anger, laziness, upbringings etc are the reasons for people not being honest.

    4. I can show people who are poor but still honest, ready to sleep with empty stomach but not cheat.

    5. Peoples situations or inabilities to overcome problems of their life and become dishonest is in few exceptional cases and is acceptable. Have you ever seen a perfect apple? likewise a perfect society with all honest people is impossible. There are exceptions always.