Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When you give advice..

    There is a friend of mine who has published his status in a social networking website like this :
"‎2600+ contacts in Phone book. 5k+ friends on all messengers. 100K email addresses in contacts. YET, Nobody to understand my Emotions & share my feelings. GOSH ..! What world I am Living in?? Strange ...!"

Now what does that mean?
He wants all his 5k+ friends to understand how he is feeling and respond?
When you are posting on a social network with 5000+ contacts  you should be prepared for all kinds of replies, isnt it?

Here comes the reply as a comment,
"Four things, to be frank:
1. Quantity is different from Quality
2. (WYG) What you give is what you get
3. Technology needs to develop, to calculate and display your emotions along with the single liner chats we keep in facebook,twitter or what ever..
4. When everthing looks like a defect, check if you have picked up the wrong BRD :-)
What do you say?

Now there are "defencive" replies as expected, and it later became "you replied to mine, waiting for your next post.." kinda scenario.

Forget about the correctness of the reply... just think about the whole scenario. (to be continued)

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