Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The 'Y' Junction

                     A young journalist was asked to go onto field and bring back an article worth publishing. After a straining 6 hours of toiling on streets in hot sun he started back to office with a sense of failure.
On his way back he arrived at a 'Y' junction where 3 roads met. He noticed that 2 buses are speeding towards the junction from the two opposite roads unaware of the other bus. He understood that at that speed the buses would surely hit each other at the junction. He quickly run to the junction and waved his hands and screamed at the top of his voice and was successful in stopping the buses.
All the people in the bus got down and thanked him for saving their lives. He went back to his office with pride and narrated the his heroic act to his newspaper editor. On hearing the story the editor sacked him saying "You missed a golden opportunity of a dramatic story worth headlines."

We do not live in a bad world, its just that the bad makes 'News'. Tax evaders make headlines.. instead why not a story on front page about tax payers? Photos of murderer are flashed.. instead why not that of life savers? Whenever you speak of some one bad, also speak about few good people. For every tree you cut, sow 100 seeds. People need to know information but they need not be impacted by it. Close osama bin ladens headlines soon and start articles about real world heroes,social activists,soldiers. Its a very simple psychology, you think of Lord Rama and you will be him, think of ravana you will be one.
Speak all the good you know, virtues, achievements, admire people make as much noise as you can about good things in life.
For sure the world will change, lets see that it always tends to the good side.

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